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Permaculture Design- Heart to Heart Services

Permaculture Design is not so much a service we want to provide, but an art and science that we would like to share. It exists within 3 interconnected ethics that maintain its integrity: Care for the Earth, Care for the people, and sharing of the Surplus. It gives us guidelines and design methods to manifest our visions and point the arrows towards the solutions nested in any given problem. Most importantly, it is a science of relationships, guiding us to place elements in optimum relationship to each other- integrating rather than separating. When we look at plants and animals in all of their needs and functions, we are able to form synergies that profoundly enhance our lives and health in every possible way.

As an art form, permaculture design reconnects us to our innate understanding of pattern language- a language that is key to the abundance, efficiency, an resilience needed to satisfy our needs while taking care of the world around us. From micro to macro, nothing and no one gets left behind because we are allying with nature, thereby playing by the rules of the game… of the universe.

Through permaculture design we intend to begin cultivating solutions with you. Remember: "You can fix all the world's problems, in a garden. You can solve all your pollution problems, and all your supply line needs in a garden. And most people today actually don't know that." (Geoff Lawton).

Thanks for reading through. Check out our Service page on the Top Bar Menu to see the rest of our services and Stay Tuned for the upcoming blogs. We welcome any thoughts you want to share. You may comment in the main Blog page or in the Contact page. Thanks

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