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Edible Landscaping- Heart to Heart Services

As I was about to finish designing and creating Amerikua's website, I realized there was something very important missing... the description of our Services! Fortunately, I immediately received the great idea to share these descriptions through the PermaMama Blog. This idea became an opportunity to begin introducing permaculture in a story telling form of my own very personal experience of this interconnected science of design. Since we all have varied ways of relating to anything and everything, the page will eventually have a quick link to more objective descriptions.

I will also add that by" Services "we mean "that which we envision to offer and share (FAIR SHARE) with you, with your home, and with life in all its forms (CARE FOR THE EARTH AND CARE FOR THE PEOPLE)."

I would like to begin by sharing that there were two types businesses that defined and inspired for me the idea and immediate conviction to become an entrepreneur. They were Edible Landscaping and Worm Farming. For the purpose of today's blog, I will focus on Edible Landscaping. "EDIBLE LANDSCAPING"... these two words became for me a clear window to a very possible transformation of my city, my neighborhood, my home. It represented instant Earth- to- Table connections for our children. It implied food security and accessibility to truly nourishing foods for all. It implied tapping into an abundance destined to be shared.

What else does it mean? It means lots of fruits. And here in South Florida, it means the delicious sensory awakening to subtropical fruits of all colors, shapes, sizes, and textures right in your backyard. It means eating almost every vegetable that you've ever had in a form that still contains almost all the life energy and nutrients that it had when it still had its direct connection to the soil that birthed it.

It means forming new relationships with foreign plants that surpass any meaning you ever had of what SUPERFOODS are.

It means balanced lushness and subtle full spectrum of colors for our eyes to feast on and our souls to soothe.

What can i say?... It's pretty awesome .

Thank for reading through. Check out our Service page on the Top Bar Menu to see the rest of our services and Stay Tuned for the upcoming descriptions. If you'd like to share your thoughts you can always so do in the main Blog page or in the Contact page. Thanks again!

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