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Have you ever asked yourself "what can i do to make a difference?".  Well this is your opportunity to learn how to design your way into simple solutions for some of the biggest problems the world faces today. While you are it you will simultaneously be able to enjoy the richness of abundance in healthy food, air, water, soil, and overall connection to the life around you. This 80-Hr. Permaculture Design Certification Course will equip you with the foundation necessary to begin implementing ecological design at any scale.

"All the world's problems can be solved in a garden"- Geoff Lawton

Course Dates: September 26th - November 24th 2018

Theory Classes Wednesdays from 6pm- 9pm

Hands on Experiential Classes Saturdays from 9am- 4pm


Workshop and Installation All-In-One!

This can be an incredible opportunity to establish an element of a permaculture system in your home all the while bringing together your family, friends, and community members for a day of empowerment through one of our workshops.

Farm School MIA

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In this fundamentals course, you will learn all you need to know to design, plan for and start a small urban farm. You will learn to employ the most regenerative practices possible. This means learning to farm the way nature would: organically, intelligently and intentionally.

Everything you learn at Farm School is applicable in any situation, large or small.



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