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Who is Amerikua Permaculture?

Amerikua Permaculture is a family business that serves the local community through education and implementation of regenerative design.  We provide edible garden installation services and holistic nutrional coaching as well as ecologically oriented products. We also provide information, networking, and organize workshops on sustainability related subjects. 

Carolina Alzate (AKA: PermaMama) is a committed Permaculture Designer and Educator with a deep respect for the cycles and patterns inherent to natural systems. She aims to teach individuals and communities that all humans have the capacity to ReGenerate the Earth by simply ReDefining existing concepts and Rethinking current behaviors. In 2008, she  moved to Miami because of Permaculture and chose to stay because of the community that it brought her to.  Her work in permaculture and background in Agroecology and Anthropology has given her a unique opportunity to form an integral part of pioneering projects, organizations, and businesses such as Farm School MIA, Earth Learning, Fertile Earth Foundation, Urbaneco Development, and the Childhood Nature Project. Currently, she is the Co-Founder and lead designer at Amerikua Permaculture.

Emiliano Camargo (AKA: Nourishing Papi) is a permaculture designer, educator and holistic nutritionist. He believes that sustainability and health are two concepts that need to be deeply interconnected in order to improve our ways of lives.  With a background in anthropology, environmental education and holistic nutrition, he has the skills and knowledge to establish edible systems taking into account the cultural and nutritional needs of each individual person, family and community. As a holistic nutritionist, he is proficient in traditional and modern diets, and can also guide you through the best specialists in nutritional therapy so you can empower yourself to make the right decisions for you and your family. Emiliano is the co-founder of Amerikua Permaculture and has had the opportunity to work with pioneering projects such as the  Education Fund's  Plant a 1000 Gardens Collaborative Nutritional Initiative as well as Inhabit Earth. Currently, he is a lead designer at Amerikua Permaculture, collaborates with Foodscape Designs, and also works as lead horticulture and permaculture teacher at Here's Helps, where he certifies at-risk young adults in Permaculture through daily theory and onsite practical application.

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